Our Services & Activities

Our main aim is to give comfort to the CANCER and HIV/AIDS patients during the time of illness. We offer them comfort by relief of pain, treatment of opportunistic infections and aim to prevent infection to other people by educating and providing condoms to HIV/Aids patients to both male and female clients. The other aim is to empower the family on home care and to counsel them so that they can come to terms with the illness.


We offer counseling services to the patients and their families.

Home based care

Nyeri Hospice medical team makes an average of two to three home visits daily. They assess patient’s needs and the problems, empower the family on how to take care of the patients and give medications as necessary. All this is done to those with advanced nature of the illness, either they are bedridden or too weak to come to the hospice. These visits are made regardless of the distance in all areas of operation.

Mentorship Programme.

Nyeri Hospice was appointed by Kenya Hospices and Palliative Care Association (KEHPCA) in the year 2012 to carry on mentorship programme to up coming palliative care units and Hospices. We have been able to mentor Intergrated Aids Programme(IAP) Thika, Provincial General Hospital Nyeri, Thika Level 4 Hospital and Thika Hospice.

Daycare services

Every Wednesday, the patients and their relatives come to Hospice day care centre. This gives them a chance to meet and share their experience amongst themselves. They are provided with a balanced diet and reviewed by the medical team. Several other activities are included to make the day worthwhile.

Stoma group therapy

This is a clinic of patients with colorectal cancers which is held every second Wednesday of the month. During this clinic, patients are issued with colostomy bags free of charge.

Legal aid clinic

The clinic is held every third Wednesday of the month. During the clinic, Volunteer lawyers come to the Hospice to advice patients and relatives on legal issues.

Bereavement support

Those families that cannot cope with the bereavement are given bereavement counseling.


We holds carer's training at least twice annually. This is to offer basic skills on palliative care to the members of the public from any professional background. Through this training we are able to get future volunteers who offer their services to the Hospice and in the community. Professional training is also carried out in the existing health care facilities and also at the hospice. In future, we intend to be a resource centre in Mt Kenya region on palliative care.

Community Education

Every month, we create awareness on cancer, HIV/AIDS (mainly behavior change) to self –help groups, schools, colleges and churches. We network with the adult education department and approach others directly. This has had a great impact as more and more people are seeking our services.

Provider Initiated Counseling & Testing (PICT)

In order to help the community know their status PICT was started ten months ago (July 2008) and so far over 200 people have been tested. Most of our cancer patients present to us when they are already tested, so our target is the relatives accompanying the patient and those willing to be tested during sensitization.