Annual Charity Walk

This event is held annually usually in the month of September. We involve schools both primary and secondary, learning institution, sponsorships from companies and individuals. We appeal to all to participate in this worthy cause. for more information get in touch with us.
Annual Charity Golf


We rely on donors, well-wishers and fundraising events. The donors contribute 1/3 of our annual total budget while the rest is fundraised; therefore the hospice operates on a very tight budget with no allotment from the government. Despite this we have been able to expand Palliative care to other areas inorder to reach many more patients with minimal resources. We have two main fundraising activities i.e. Annual Charity Golf Tournament and a 10 kms Charity Walk which were both started in 1996 and run in March and September respectively. In 2000 we had a 200kms camel walk and other activities including Lewa Camping, Music concerts to raise funds. We also have friends of Hospice subscribing an amount of money to assist the Hospice and donations like clothes, food to assist those in need.