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You are making a difference today ! Nyeri Hospice mission is to provide quality palliative care to the terminally ill patients. Your donation will help to provide holistic palliative care. Simply complete the form below to donate online.

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Your donation provides service for children,teens and adult and those who grieve the death of someone close to them. Over 7,768 clients received support through Nyeri Hospice for the las 5 years and we could not continue to do this without the ongoing strong community support.We receive from people like you.
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Hospice & community hosted events Nyeri Hospice greatly benefits from groups in the community hosting fundraising event supporting us through walk, golf, dinner. Fund raised go directly to our program and services.


Volunteers are at the heart of what we do at the hospice. Last year more than 50 volunteers provided 2420 hours of service. Our volunteers help us support our client and patients. We welcome individuals, corporate or community groups to volunteer. Volunteer opportunities are valued and there are many ways to be involved.

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Your gift of impact Hospice is not for profit organization and fundraising allows us to offer services at our interest of care

Care at our 6 beds inpatient unit Although most patients prefe to be cared for at home, they may be admitted to one of our 6 inpatient beds for any of the following reasons Assessment and management of pain or other difficult symptoms
Respite care to allow a one week stay with us while care givers get a rest