Nyeri Hospice was founded by Mrs. Kathy Sembhi a palliative care specialist who had facilitated the hospice in their family business premises until it acquired permanent premises in year 2000 through the support of well-wishers and local community. She also donated her vehicle to do home visits (home based care).We are situated in Nyeri county (Mount Kenya region) in central Kenya. It was the first rural Hospice which started on the 1st of October 1995 as a satellite branch of Nairobi Hospice to cater for patients with life limiting illness of Cancer. With the HIV/AIDS scourge and after it was declared a national disaster, we extended our care to HIV/AIDS patients. Today we are an autonomous charitable organization in its operations. A Board of Directors who offer their expertise freely, oversees its operations. Day to day services are offered by a team of committed professional staff of four senior nurses, a doctor and a social worker. The Chief Executive Officer who is also a registered nurse heads the institution, and oversees day to day running. An Admin & Resource Mobilization Officer is involved in resource mobilization and supports administration functions.